Memorial Pieces

Here are CMarie Clay Co we take working with ashes, preserved breast milk, dried flowers, and hair very carefully and consider it an honor anytime we have the privilege of making one of these items.  

First, you will need to contact me to set up and talk about what items you are wanting made.  We will discuss all the options and pieces, color, etc.
Second, if your item is something not on hand that I will need to order we will need to get that ordered.  
Third, you will need to get me your ashes, preserved breast milk, preserved flowers, or hair either via mail or drop off if you are local.  
Fourth, I will create your custom pieces and video me doing it so that you can see your special items being created.  
Finally, you items will be ready for pick up or delivery. I will ship or returned any remaining ashes, breastmilk, flowers, or hair. 

*Pictured is a custom birthstone color mix collection with preserved breast milk added. Silver rings are 925 Sterling Silver.
**When creating I always use the extra left over to create a little thank you for each client. 

If you can not find what you are looking for we can come up with something for you.  Pricing varies and will be discussed one on one depending on what you are looking for. We also offer key chains trinket dishes.

Key Chains:
Lots of options available silver and gold range from $18-$25 range

Trinket Dishes: 
Range from $18-$25 range

Pictured is a rose gold 925 Sterling band with a grey ash stone.