About CMarie Clay Co

More About The Maker and the Mission Behind CMarie Clay Co

Hi, I am Candace Gary owner and creator of CMarie Clay Co that started out as The Craft Coeanout. I am a mother to 3 beautiful blessings River (9), Rayne (6), and Rogan (2). I am a wife to my best friend Clark Gary and I also homeschool our oldest two. I’ve always been into crafting and have started many small little side gigs over the years. In college I had a painting small business. Then, I graduated from Auburn University and taught high school for two years. While teaching high school I had a photography business side hustle. That turned into my full time job and before I knew it I was shooting weddings on the weekend and running my own home studio during the week. After having my first two children I had to say goodbye to photography because being gone every weekend and editing pictures all during the week it just wasn’t working anymore. I stepped away from photography.

Then, I started a small custom sugar cookie business The Crazy Cookie Lady that took off and I was making dozens of custom sugar cookies a week. I got pregnant with our third child and as funny as it sounds it was meant to be I had a food aversion to sugar cookies 🤢 the smell made me nauseated. (Thankfully that has now passed) but I finished my orders and now with 3 on my hands sugar cookies are a thing of the past other than helping out friends and for fun sometimes.

Now, here we are! This started long before I actually decided to start selling my handmade jewelry I was making it and gifting it for Christmas and birthday gifts already, but then I discovered clay and all that I could do and incorporate my skills from photography, videography, painting, sugar cookie decorating, all of it is combined now into doing exactly what I believe God has been setting me up for all this time. I never realized that every business endeavor, every skill I’ve learned, all of it has led me to here. Now, I have found a creative outlet where I literally use every single skill from the past 15 years. I also get to create for other creators with the makers side of this business.  I am so grateful for every single person who has helped me along and are helping me along in this business endeavor. 

If you read all this thank you so much and I am so grateful for this opportunity the Lord has blessed me!
XOXO Candace Gary